Red Team – Day 3 – Chimpanzee Island

The day began with an excruciating early morning before driving to the nearby dock, where we were being swarmed with appreciation and gratitude from the local community. After being harassed by the lake flies; eventually boarded our amphibious vehicle, that was much more sophisticated and advanced than the gold team’s. On the tranquil journey to the majestic animal kingdom we experienced multiple hordes of swamp flies, birds, fish and some other creatures that no one could distinguish. The journey, was extremely long however it was an amazing experience for us all, with the weather being kind, due to its refreshing nature. After an hour & thirty minutes we finally came to our location: Ngamba Island, home of the chimpanzee sanctuary. We went and saw the chimpanzees, Mr Mulcahy had a chimp throw a rock at him. There were many vibrant colours, with there being an array of species. We witnessed the chimps catching their lunch, so humanly it was strange. We had a lovely, much deserved lunch, meeting with the gold group for this; the food being extremely exquisite and sufficient. After the weather suddenly improved, we eventually returned to the boat and started our trek home, stopping on the equator on the way back. Sunburn was apparent from the consistent hammering of the Ugandan sun leaving snazzy patterns branded upon everyone including Steve. After reaching the dock on the mainland (which some people were very grateful for), we ventured through a beach party and into a forest of fun. The bouncy castle was a staff favourite especially with Steve, Tom and Lisa who were over excited with the concept of a bounce in the sun. after a swift journey home following a couple of rotations of the automobile’s majestic transportation wheels, we arrived at the Santa Maria where we had a pool party, relaxed in the sun and enjoyed the weather while the gold team went through a gruelling, monotonous journey (only joking!) After the fun concluded, the gold team returned in a decaying state. We ate the delicious dinner, chilled in the setting sun and went to our building where we banged out some retro tunes dancing to our best ability. RED TEAM ONLY! This finished up the evening and ended yet another brilliant day. This took a long time and absorbed our remaining energy constructing the perfect blog. God save the queen. PS if your still dedicated enough to read this then well done. Rewan Polkinghorne, Maddison Pippin & Mr Whitworth (Mr Webb tried however gave up eventually)

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