Gold Team – Day 4 – Kamazinda Arrival

After a few hours of travelling with excitement, we arrived at the Equator. Looking like right tourists, we took an abundance of cheesy pictures. There were many stalls we looked through and a most of use bought things like trousers, rings and t shirts, just to remind us of the memories. While this was an exciting and amazing experience, nothing will ever be as amazing as driving into Kamazinda school and being welcomed by hundreds of young students grabbing our hands and pulling us into an incredible atmosphere that will never be beaten. They welcomed us with a ‘lander’ chant as well as lots of dancing. One of the best feelings was when we all got pulled out individually to dance and instantly felt friendships forming between us and the students. This emotional welcome ended with being conga lined towards our rooms, and young students grabbed our hands to show us to our mission houses. The students attempted to grab our weighty suitcases and pull them for us, which left us with a bit of a bag hunt as they were taken to different rooms. Despite the search for luggage, just knowing they wanted to help us settle was incredibly overwhelming. This immensely happy day was finished with us being involved in lots of games, hair plaiting and picture taking. We were taught songs, Ugandan phrases and a very aggressive way to play rock paper scissors (slaps if you lose). This one was of the best days of many of our lives and one of the most incredible feelings was hearing the children call for us by name, just hours after we introduced ourselves to them.

-Abi Holme

-Francesca Lister

-Faith Turner

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