Gold Team – Day 5 – Church and a school tour

We woke up today having no idea just how much this day would change our perspective on our lives. We began by walking to church through a deprived area; however, their faces as we walked past were some of the happiest we’ve ever seen, despite them living from so little. The church was incredibly emotional as we experienced such passion for their beliefs, seeing how much people depend on song and dance, not just in schools, to brighten their lives was overwhelming. As a token of our love and respect, we performed “Bella Mama” to the congregation, which was met with rapturous applause. When we got back to the school, we were guided on tours and as a group we have never been more humbled and more emotional than seeing these children so happy with so little. Many were brought to tears by seeing around 20 people sharing a room no bigger than the size of our bedrooms at home, and some unwell children unable to receive the care that we take for granted. While emotional, we were also overcome with joy just seeing how much they appreciate what Richard Lander do as a school to help improve their quality of life. The young adults walking us around were some of the nicest we’ve met and it felt like we could talk to them for hours; they were so intrigued to hear how we lived life, as we were with them. The day was brought to a close as we meticulously sorted through donations and found a bag of knitted teddies generously made by Evie’s grandma. We handed these out to the children and their beaming faces was enough to once again bring many of us to tears. We watched them play, share and show each other what toys they had gotten – a truly warming end to a very emotional day.

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