Red Team Day 5 – 7/7 Uganda2019

In Bunjako, the day started by attending (what was supposed to be) a Ugandan church ceremony. This was in the main hall and consisted of lots of singing from the school children and we even had a go at ‘Trelawney’. We did have to go to the church service in the van though, as it was a reminder of the hideous weather we truly love from Cornwall.

Due to the lake forming outside our house  we ate lunch then sorted the donations into piles, and a small team split them to go to different classes/schools. Meanwhile, when the sun eventually came out we headed out to a block of classrooms and started to paint the outside.

When we got back to the accommodation we had cold showers which proved to be controversial; and had some ‘chill’ time before our tea. The woman’s fifa world cup final was on at 19:00 so some people went down to the hall where we used a projector to watch it with some Ugandan students. This proved to be very exciting as they rarely get to watch live TV.  We then played some games before heading to bed. However, many of us couldn’t sleep due to the loud noise coming from the teachers in the common room!

We are all having an awesome time here in Bunjako (despite a few broken toilets) and we can’t wait to continue our work here!

Written by Jenny Upton & Becky Thomas

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