Red Team Day 6 – 08/07/2019

Today was Madison’s Birthday. Prior to the celebrations’ beginning, we set to work on our numerous different projects and tasks. A team of girls assisted Mr Webb knocking off the old plaster in one of the school rooms in preparation for replastering tomorrow. Matty took charge of a group of Ugandan students who helped our team paint the brown lower half of the classroom exterior walls, which now look so much better with a fresh coat of paint. Others continued painting both the white upper halves of the walls and the mural on the far wall which bears the school logo.

Another project was the demolition of termite mounds, which is important to the school as the termites destroy their wooden furniture, rafters and equipment for learning. It took 3 hours of very hard work before the team finally managed to find the queen, which caused much excitement amongst locals and students!

Some students also visited a local clinic which includes a maternity unit. This was an eye-opening experience for us as conditions were so poor, and we are hoping to make some improvements during our stay. We also took donations of children’s clothing and medical supplies which we gave to staff.

The evening was finished off with a party for Madison’s Birthday, where we had snacks and cake. We played traditional party games including pass the parcel and musical chairs, which unsurprisingly became very competitive!

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