Day 6 continued -Red team

I woke up and it was my birthday. Today I have done so much which has made my day so amazing. I am so happy that I had my birthday with all my friends experiencing some incredible things.

Today we split into different groups and did a range of activities. The activities were either knocking down the termite mounds, taking plaster off of the walls and painting in the classrooms.

In the morning, I did painting in the classrooms which I firstly cleaned the walls and the floors and then I did a basecoat of white paint and water.  All of the school children were very intrigued and started joining in and painting. They were very excited by everything going on and all of them were very eager to get in on all of the action.

By Madison Greaves.

One of the work jobs today was removing the old plaster from the staffroom walls. This room was in desperate need of renovation and was very different to the rooms back home. We put on masks and googles and used spaded and hammers to remove the plaster, causing huge dust clouds that gave us a gorgeous, free fake tan. After tearing down the majority of the room, we got the ladder to reach the higher sections. After hours of hard work in sweltering, dirty conditions we had nearly completed the first phase of reconstructing the room. With spirits remaining high, we began to see the product of all our hard work.  Over the next couple of   days, we plan to re-plaster the staffroom and also  paint it to give staff  an improved working facility.

By Sophie Buchanan and Beth Ireland

This morning, one of the jobs to choose was to destroy mounds filled with termites. I chose this job because it was physical and there were plenty to destroy. We used hoes and pickaxes to break it all up and it was quite time consuming. Students from the school chose to help and this showed how committed that they all are, as well as us, to help make their lives better in the simplest of ways. Also, lots of students during their break time came to show us their gratitude and this fuelled us even more to keep helping to break everything up. With the help of 12 of the red group, and plenty of students pitching in, the first large mound was broken within an hour and a half. We discovered that this termite mound was 8 years old due to the size of the queen termite, she had 8 large brown marks down her back and each mark represents one year – the Ugandan students taught us this.  After lunch, the 12 students from red team proceeded to break down 3 further (slightly smaller) mounds and this took around 3 hours. I found this really rewarding as everyone who helped to break these down (myself included) were absolutely exhausted and our Ugandan friends told us that we were amazing and that our tiredness showed commitment and how strong we really are.

By Pali Cullen

Jimmy Norman, Ben Miller, Oli Topping , Daisy Carrington and Jasmine Bray took the opportunity in the afternoon to visit the local health clinic. We were accompanied by some of the local students and teachers. It was about a 30 minute walk from the school so we were able to see local life on the way. The area is very lush with produce such as bananas growing everywhere . We had visited the clinic last year so we knew that it was in great need of donations so on this first trip we took some medical supplies. The clinic is the only one in the Bunjakko area and serves over 30,000 people with very poor facilities and resources. We are hoping to make further visits this week with a view to taking more donations, seeing the antenatal clinic and doing a bra drop.  We were reminded of how lucky we are at home with the medical facilities and care that we receive. We are planning to hopefully be able to work with the clinic so that we can improve their facilities.

Ms Dalby

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