Gold Team Day 6 – Digging, painting and donations

Today we began our epic construction of a fire pit area for the children and Mamas. We started by placing a stake in the ground and painting a roughly 2m radius circle, using string and paint. The dig crew then proceeded to take turns of about 3 people at a time to break up the ground with hoes. After removing the dirt we started to build up a bank around the edge of the pit – which we plan to use for people to sit on.

Throughout the day, the dig crew entertained each other with varieties of music, from reggae to rap and everything in-between.

Following a brief break for lunch, the weather became sweltering hot making digging and hoeing very tiring and strenuous, especially when the sun was at its peak intensity. Despite the boys taking their tops off and everyone taking more frequent breaks, our work pace slowed and we made the executive decision to finish up and dedicate ourselves to an early morning start.

By tomorrow evening we hope that all will be done and dusted, allowing us to enjoy our lovely evening meal in front of the fire lit sunset.

Kate and Ben

Today, we began to make a start on painting the bare primary school building. The outside needed brightening up and made a more appealing place for the children to learn. We worked hard all morning in the sunshine to finish the walls; however, a lack of paint and the eager Ugandan children made it a longer job. After lunch, we split again and some of us stayed at the main house to give out donations of clothes and bras to those who most needed them. It was such a rewarding experience to see all their faces light up from a single toy or piece of clothing.

In the evening, a group of Ugandan students came by to play board games with us, and many friends were made in the process. All you could hear was laughter and cheering as different people won and lost! As seems to be a habit of the gold group, we ended the evening singing with the students, teaching them two of our songs.

After a hard day’s work, we got a decent night’s sleep ready to tackle more jobs tomorrow.

Lani and Evie

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