Gold Team Day 7 – More Digging, donations and painting – but also building

Today we carried on with the awesome fire pit, handed out the donations to the smiling community and painted the outside and memorials of the preschool.

We made more progress with the fire pit by digging out the rest of the floor, placing sand around the seating area to stabilise and broke more bricks up ready for the mosaic side. Once this was done, we mixed up the mortar and started to lay the bricks. We designed a new feature, created a step to give easy access to the centre of the pit – this was made by Finn W-B. This took us several hours, but it was worth it knowing we had successfully completed our task for the day. While we still have nearly a day of work ahead to finalise the pit, it is really looking good already!

Another group spent part of the morning bricklaying for an extension to one of the houses – this work will add space for ten female students at the children’s village – considering some students are sharing beds currently, this is a huge improvement for their state of living. Luke, Finn, Lesedi and Max found it fun and educational.

We also donated lots of bras to teachers, which was a cause for excitement and joy. We also gave clothes to the boys and girls, along with making packages for the teachers’ children consisting of clothes and toys for them to play with. Seeing the children smile really makes it all worth it; everyone was so grateful and more than happy.

Later that evening, a group of the girls visited Arkan House to spend the evening with some students. During this time, they painted their nails, chatted about their lives and made friends. It was lovely to see them enjoying an activity we take for granted.

Tomorrow, we will be heading to a primary school in Bukkamazina to give out more donations, followed by a trip to Masaka to visit the markets.

The Queen Termite taken from the termite mound near the matoki field

Lottie Jewell, Brooke Kemp, Abby Blatch, Grace Hockey

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