Red Team Day 7

We have really settled into life in Bunjako and are working really great as a team and have made lots of good friends and have seen many smiley faces. We start the day by having breakfast and then prepare for work. There are lots of different jobs and we are able to choose what we would like to do. Today there was completing the school mural, painting of classrooms, skimming of the staffroom and a visit in the morning.

We walked half an hour though the villages to get to the clinic, we were greeted with lots of smiley faces. When we reached the clinic we soon realised what needed work on. We were shown around and greeted warmly by the staff however the equipment used was very old and unhygienic. Throughout our tour, we met multiple pregnant women who all were coming in for a check-up. After talking to the ladies, we organised a bra and baby clothes drop, where each woman would choose a couple of bras for themselves and multiple items for their newly arriving babies. They were all so grateful and expressed many thanks, it touched all our hearts deeply.

As we were walking back, we passed St Mary’s primary school, where we were greeted by all the children. The head teacher assembled the children so we could introduce ourselves to them. They were all so welcoming and respectful of us all. Once we started leaving, all the children kept waving at us and chasing after us down the road. It was lovely too see their enthusiasm and happiness to see visitors. We learnt that motorbike in Ugandan was ‘peachy peachy’ so when we were walking back, Lisa shouted ‘peachy peachy’ every time a motorbike passed, Madi was very doubtful whether this was correct. It was hard walking back and taking in all the people working. We saw one child, whose feet were turned backwards yet he was still happy and adorable as he waved when we passed.

In the afternoon there was also an art lesson when we created some great art inspired by Africa with the local students. We prepared all the materials first and then made some examples to show our friends. We were inspired by African patterns, colours and animals for our artwork and we used coloured paper, stencils and pens to create our pieces. It was great working alongside the local students and it was great being able to get to know them better. They are great artists and we all enjoyed the relaxed activity. As we finished them we taped them to the wall so that we could brighten up our room.

When we got back, Lisa decided to make a swing outside of our building. She broke one of the ladders as she was climbing down from the tree, however the swing continued to be made. When we finished the swing, Lisa had the first go and loved it. We used the left over bungee rope to make skipping ropes.

During the evening, we got together with the Ugandan pupils and played games, made pictures and bracelets. Our wall is now a lot more colourful thanks to the Ugandan’s drawings. To end the evening, we played a game of rounders. It got too dark so after 2 rounds we came inside and watched a film in the main common room which was a nice way to end the night.

Hannah Clarke, Madi Wharton, Emily Whear

We had taken the plaster off the walls yesterday and the next job was to replaster the staff room. We cleared the room and then mixed cement. 4 wheel barrows of plaster sand and I wheel barrow of normal sand and a bag of cement with water. We had to mix it well which was the hardest part. We used the trowels to apply the cement and we managed to get two walls finished . It was a long, hard day but also satisfying.

Rewan Polkinghorne and Izzy Johns

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