Gold group – day 8 – Bukomansimbi, Jasimu and Masaka Market

With an earlier than usual start we got up for breakfast expecting coaches to arrive at 8. However, due to some unexpected delays we boarded the coaches at around 9:45. We then travelled to Bukomansimbi to St Jude’s school where there was an emotional tour of the school of almost 1000 students with only 8 classrooms. There would be around 80-100 students crammed into each room, typically smaller in size than the average class room at RLS. It was emotional to see the conditions some of them live in.

After that the students performed dances and songs for us which made us realise we need to rehearse our performance of Bella Mama and Soon I Will Be Done much more before Saturday.

We then had a walk up a hill to a Muslim Primary school where we only stayed for a short while but had some incredible songs sang for us. We saw the work that last year’s trip had done which still looked great.

Following that we walked back to St Jude’s to play with the children and give out donations of toys, games and craft supplies. We had loads of fun playing with the grateful and happy children. The colouring pages appeared to be the biggest hit as the girls handing them out were swarmed around. Although, the air Frisbee caused plenty of cheering, screaming and commotion! We simply didn’t want to leave.

For lunch we travelled to the town of Masaka where we were all given 20,000 UGX to buy our food from the local shops and stalls. We got dropped off outside a bakery where we all swarmed into the shop to buy donuts, cakes, bread and kebabs. After that we walked down the road, passing a stall selling Rolex (“rolled eggs” – chapatti and omelette rolled up) which some of us brought and found very tasty. It is becoming one of our favourites. We then walked through a street market selling a huge variety of merchandise ranging from Prada to Gucci (of course, all fake). It was fantastic to really soak up the feeling of Uganda – the vibe, the smells and the constant honking of horns by passing traffic! After that we had the experience of visiting a Ugandan supermarket where we used our leftover money to buy biscuits, fruit and drinks – some of us were craving some sugar despite the food being REALLY GOOD!

We travelled back to Kamuzinda where we had some downtime in the house before an energetic round of games with the children. After dinner we relaxed with games and the Lego Movie 2.

James & Luke

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