Gold Group – Day 9 – bricklaying, building and cleaning

We’re now starting to get into the swing of things at Kamuzinda. Yet again we had our usual wakeup song blasting out of the speakers. This morning, James’s music choice of “Eye of the Tiger” blaring out awoke the whole group.

We started the day like always with the “dreaded” brick run to help finish the fire pit to hopefully get a fire going for tomorrow night. We then picked our preferred activity to carry on with throughout the day. There was a vast selection of different things we could undertake such as; carpentry, preparing for rendering, continuing with the fire pit, brick laying and painting. We got stuck into each of our activities very fast, adjusting to new skills we needed to expand our skill set.

The group of four that went off to help expand and build the white angel boys toilets were taught how to lay bricks and mix cement; this will hugely impact the twenty boys sharing two toilets and one wash room, which is a completely different ratio to what we have and are used to at home. The new building will give the boys 4 toilets and 3 wash rooms; every boy that came past thanked the students for their work and efforts.

Another group of students focused on finishing the fire pit. The rest of the mosaic brick work had to be completed and a last minute addition of a cob finish was added. Students were split into different roles for this task: cement mixing, brick cleaning, creating the mosaic, rendering the gaps and collecting rocks for the cob. We can now see it all coming together and we are so excited about having a fire roaring before we leave.

At Lionel House, we had to clean the outer walls in order for rendering to begin tomorrow. This was a really important task in order for the work to be done effectively and efficiently. Once the house I rendered, it will be much easier to paint next week for Red Group. Following this, the girls headed for the play area, which was in need of a vital spruce up! Again, cleaning was needed before painting could start. We can’t wait to see new life in the old equipment.

Finally, we had agreed to build new bookcases for the library. The carpenter came into to help but several students assisted by sanding the wood down ready for staining the wood tomorrow. By the end of the morning, the girls had been taught how to put the bookcases together and were actually making them themselves!

Once we stopped for lunch, it was time for us to head to Masaka for our special birthday treat meal! Becky’s birthday was on Sunday; Tash’s birthday is today; and Lesedi’s birthday is next week. While we were excited by the chance of different food, the chance of Wi-Fi was even more thrilling! Tash facetimed home several times, while Lesedi and Becky took the chance to download movies and games! Despite having had lunch, the girls insisted on waffles, ice cream and milkshakes before we returned to the village. It was lovely that the teachers surprised us with this trip out.

Lesedi, Becky and Tash

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