Red Team – Day 8


Whilst others had already visited the clinic, I had no clue as to what the conditions would be like and how I would feel after seeing it. Our small group of 10-ish walked to our destination passing unique and rustic architecture, beautiful families and adorable local children greeting us with gummy grins. Once we had arrived we had to get straight to work since there was a woman who had just gone into labour. The building was run-down, small and unimaginably unpleasant to stay in (especially when seeking medical attention, let alone birthing a baby). We did all that we could in the hours we spent there, sweeping down the walls before painting the originally blotchy beige walls white. Over there we also decided to put some of our funds towards hospital beds and other medical equipment. After finishing the job, we strolled back, passing 5 young siblings on our way. Despite the challenging language barrier, we offered them each a home-knitted hat which they and their mum greatly appreciated. This was a beautiful way to conclude the morning, directly putting grateful smiles on the children’s faces.

Leah Pollard

Bra Drop

After a busy morning of hard work on both the school grounds and the clinic, we began sorting the generous donation of bras we have received over the last year into piles according to their sizes. Soon after, a keen group of 80 girls took 2 bras each and some sanitary towels donated by Jasmin Bray’s mum and her charity Full Stop. It was a good experience to see how appreciative the girls were for things we take for granted each day.

Ruby Drake & Jasmin Bray


While the girls were participating in the bra drop the boys were competing in a friendly football match against the local school children. The first goal was scored by Tom Beynon, a fantastic volley. The second and third goals were scored by Matthew Walker which put Richard lander 3-00 up. However, unfortunately Richard Lander conceded three quick goals which made the score 3-3 at full time. This meant a penalty shootout, where Richard lander came out victorious winning by four penalties.  

Matthew Walker

Pearl of Africa Workshop

As the sun started to set we had some students from the pearl of Africa children’s choir came over to run a workshop. In this workshop, we started with drumming where they picked 5 students (Arlo, Pip, Matty, Uisce and Rufus) to play some different drum and shaker beats, while the rest clapped and stamped their feet. After this they separated us into girls and boys and taught us a song called “We love you Africa” with the boys singing the deep notes and the girls singing the high notes. At the end of the night we did a dancing workshop where once again we were split into girls and boys and they taught us 2 different dance routines to perform.

Rufus Birkett

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