Red Team – Day 9

We had a relaxed morning and some of us watched Harry Potter. It has been a really busy few days  so it was nice to chill out and watch a film. In the afternoon we divided into groups and some if us sorted out donations ready to handover to the school, some of us painted the remaining classroom and some of us continued with the murals that we had started the day before.

We decided to continue their moral design, spelling Africa and incorporating the cultural aspects of the African countries. For example, the F was merged into a traditional African mask and a snake was intertwined into the letter c. We’re using lots of bright colours so that they really stand out in the rooms. We are hoping to finish them tomorrow

Georgie and Uisce

The other job was to sort out donations so that we could give them out to the school students so that involved sorting into boys and girl’s clothes and also smaller items. We moved large tables outside so that we could organise this.  We had a lot of donations and it was great to be able to finally pass them on.

There was also a couple of cooking lessons going on as Nicky and Lisa taught the school cooks how to make mashed potato and pancakes. It is great that during this experience we can teach each other different things. We also got to sample some of the pancakes which was good.

We feel very settled now and in the evening we spent time by the lake socialising with our new friends.  Later in the evening we were invited to the school hall to watch a video of the senior 4 students prom event which had been earlier in the year.  The students hadn’t seen the video before so there was much excitement as they relived the experience. The video showed them all dressed up in their finery and celebrating. And so another day in Bunjakko came to an end.

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