Gold Group Day 10 – Work, football and sitting round our fire pit

As usual we were woken by very loud music courtesy of the teachers before being served with another tasty breakfast supplied by Mama Milly. We picked our jobs for the day and were set to work at 9am. Some of the things we did included building bookshelves and painting the primary school staff room. A carpenter arrived and showed us how to sand and varnish the wood which took a lot of precision and patience. Meanwhile, some of us were getting to work painting the walls in the primary school staff room in order to brighten the place up and create a better working environment (painting is a lot more exhausting than you may imagine!). Another job was rendering the outside of Lionel House – this job means that we can paint the outside of the house much more easily and create a more colourful living space. Following on from yesterday, some more students continued bricklaying for the new toilets and washroom for the boys in White Angel House. Today, they focused on the front screen to add some privacy for the boys. Finally, a group went up to the play area to sand and paint the children’s play equipment. It was in a state of disrepair, and now we have fixed it, it is time to give it some vibrancy! In the afternoon, we taught the children in the primary school lessons which we had prepared. One of the subjects we taught was English/Drama, where we had the children create their own characters and create a role-play involving each of their characters – they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. As some lessons finished early, we took the opportunity to teach them some of our songs, which they also loved! Another lesson we taught was science, where we demonstrated each of the five senses and at the end of the lesson we made popcorn which the children then got to try. While some of it popped, some decided not to work! The final lesson was teaching the children about the skeleton, where each child got to keep a skeleton they had made out of paper. This team worked really well together to engage the students, ending with a rendition of “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” outside. The lessons were very enjoyable to teach as the children were eager to learn and very imaginative; however, the language barrier made it a challenge as well. Another interesting thing that happened today was Mrs Bond found yet another bat in her bathroom (the third one this week!). It was let out safely and climbed a tree once released at dusk. After we had taught the children their lessons, we all participated in a giant football match which was Richard Lander vs Kamuzinda. It was very exciting and Michael scored all three goals, leading us to win 3-1! We then were supplied with another delicious meal before all sitting around the newly built campfire. Aunty Annet and a member of the Pearl of Africa choir, CeCe, taught us two songs to sing with Mrs Madeley and Saskia singing their own separate part and we performed Soon I Will Be Done and Bella Mama. To conclude – in proper Cornish fashion – we taught them Drunken Sailor; Ben P was the definite star of the show, complete with eye patch to finish off the spectacle! Throughout the duration of the night there was lots of lightning, however no thunder, which was very exciting. We ended the night with lots of dancing and even more singing, creating a very amazing and unforgettable night. P.S. we have added some additional photos of the rugby kit kindly donated by Truro Rugby Club, as well as some of the chapatti lesson led by the wonderful Mama Millie! Cara and Saskia

Teaching Activity Bella Mama
Donating Pencil Cases

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