Red Team Day 11

Football Match – Mixed

We started the match in style after big Tom taught us the hacker. The match kicked off and for most of the first half the Ugandans had control over the game. This lead to the Ugandans scoring 2 goals, and a very angry Mr Steve on the side line. After a 5-minute half time break and discussing tactics we came back strong in the second half. Matty scored 2 beautiful bangers assisted by Jack. Matty also assisted Mr Ryan in scoring the second goal of the match. This lead to us winning 3-2 and continuing our unbeaten run.

Ben, Jack, and Ollie

Football Match – Girls

We all agreed to compete as an all-girls team, in hope to put the boys to shame.  After an intense team meeting, unfortunately we let in a goal despite Leah’s incredible athletic skills.  We had talented players and a high morale. After the first half, things were looking up, and possibly the most unexpected event occurred, Mrs Anderson scored a goal! By the end of the match, we were left 1-1 and had 5 minutes extra time each way. However, after we remained 1-1 we had to take part in a penalty shootout. Sophie, Hannah B, Beth and Maddie W all scored their penalties however unfortunately, on the last shot, Uganda scored in by the post and we’d lost the game. Despite the unfortunate turnout, it was a fun game and we all had a good time.

Cora and Hannah B

Netball Match

Now it was the netballers turn to take the triumph for Richard lander. Some confusion of the rules meant the game didn’t go as smooth as expected, with the Ugandans protesting that a ‘replayed ball’ rule doesn’t exist. This didn’t go down too well with our volunteer umpire Tom Beynon who was also learning new rules as the game unfolded. Despite this he stuck to it and even helped to herd the geese off the court mid-game. At half time the score was 12-9 to us, however this did not mean the win was secured. The opposing team stepped up their game and it was clear that they were not ready to accept defeat.  However, this was also the case for the Lander girls and we fought hard to take the win with a respectable score of 23-18. There was great play from both teams throughout and the afternoon ended on high spirits.

Hannah B

Goodbye Party

At the end of the day, we threw a goodbye party, to say our farewells to all our new friends we made during the journey of Uganda in Bunjakko. We handed out juice and biscuits to the students of Bunjakko to thank them for our lovely stay. It was very upsetting to say goodbye, however it was a life changing experience we will never forget and we can’t wait to see what happens in the future with all our help. 

Tink & Amelie 😉

Student Led Worship

We had the opportunity to join our Uganda student friends for a lively and energetic dance oriented around their love and belief in God. Despite the fact that we were only able to attend the Christian services (since the church in Bunjakko was of such faith) the community also celebrates various religious beliefs. As soon as we walked into the hall we were hit with enthusiastic song and dance, each student with beaming smiles to welcome us to their worship. Our students mixed with the friends they had made in the past few days- joining in with their dances and vibrant hymns and matching every beat. In a later part of the service the energy calmed and everybody joined in soft prayer and thanked the pastor and Dao for such an unforgettable experience; certainly a practice and appreciation we should bring back to the UK.

Olivia Lyndsay

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