Gold Group – day 13 – first day of work in Bunjakko!

Today we woke up to some more truly awful music – our group alarm each day. Hotel California is not ideal!

After breakfast, we had a quick tour of the school, which was interesting as it is a much smaller school that Kamuzinda and we were able to see the work that the red group did.

At 10am, we split into different groups as we usually do. My group tidied up some work on the fire pit to remove any cement on the bricks. It was great to see the names of the red team who had also worked on it this week.

Mrs Bond had a great idea. She thought painting the inside of our house would brighten it up and allow more light into the social area as there aren’t any windows. Another group starting clearing the furniture, mixing paint and lining the floor. It was tough as the bricks absorbed a lot of the paint. However, you could already see the difference.

To prepare for finishing the rendering in the staff room, Mr Merrick took some students to clear the render that had hardened in the middle of the floor. We are ready to get going on the room in the next couple of days.

Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Bond headed up to the primary schools and clinic to see what work needed doing there. We have more donations to give out and the clinic definitely needs freshening up!

Lunch was lovely as usual – we never thought we would love rice and beans but they do serve it with vegetables and gorgeous fruit.

By Gus

We (Ben BF and Patch) had spent the morning digging out a water channel and lined it with bricks to allow for a more efficient waterway. Now water flows in the stream like the River Nile!

A group of students headed to the clinic for the afternoon to clean the maternity ward and start painting it white to brighten it up. We will be heading back there to paint some murals too.

Once we finished all the jobs, we had our first proper social sesh with the Ugandan students! We played board games, netball, rugby, cricket, volleyball, swingball, and just generally chatted getting to know new people. It was awesome meeting these new people. We were unsure about meeting the students as we had loved Kamuzinda but actually, it has been amazing so far.

Dinner was “flaming fire” again, followed by ridiculously tasty jackfruit.

We finished watching Iron Man then the girls chose Mamma Mia 2 as the next film – the boys surprisingly enjoyed it…

Ready for the hard grind tomorrow.

P.S. Hello Mrs Clarkson – hope you had/are having a swell day – Bulford signing off

P.P.S. Good day mother – you are awesome! Also good day Mrs Hockey – your driving skills are top notch. Hope you both had joyful days. Patch

Patch and Ben BF

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