Gold Group – day 12 – leaving Kamuzinda, lunch with Red group and arriving at Bunjakko!

This morning, Gold Group embarked on a final tour of Kamuzinda school, our home for 8 unforgettable days, to see the products of our hard work. Over the 8 days, we had painted 2 classrooms; painted murals; built bookcases; built a fire pit; helped the builders with bricklaying for new toilets and a dormitory extension; fixed, cleaned and painted the play equipment; and started the foundations for the new main hall – a project for the next few years. Before we left, it was our pleasure to give the school laptops. They were so grateful as computer studies is now compulsory in Ugandan schools. We felt honoured that we could help in this way!

Afterwards, we had yet another round of heart-breaking au revoirs, where Mama Millie – arguably the highlight of Kamuzinda – was presented with her very own Lander4Uganda 219 t-shirt and a wind up radio. On leaving our new best friends, many a tear was shed – necessary as our eyes need to be washed in order to have a new outlook on life.

With a feeling of melancholy, we set off for Frikkadellen in Masaka, home of the most scrumptious, flabbergasting and succulent burgers in all of the Pearl of Africa! It was here we were reunited with the wonderful Red Group, and we shared fabled stories of our outstanding week with new comrades; this including tips and tricks for each other’s new location.

We then departed once more to the supermarket where we bought crazy amounts of Nutella, chicken flavoured noodles and white chocolate tasties, while causing an outrageous, bustling and very British queue. We have worked so hard this past week that it hasn’t been unheard of to see some of us eating a late night snack.

Next, we ventured to our new home for the next week – Bunjakko Island. After quite a long drive through beautiful, rural Uganda, we arrived at Bunjakko where we were greeted with open arms and the magnificent Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir, whose delightful voices carried across Lake Victoria. The charismatic Uncle Paul welcomed us warmly and then some of the students escorted us to the absolutely stunning Lander Lake View Guest House – this was built with money donated by RLS and was completed this time last year. And what a location! Our view each morning while we have a cuppa and breakfast is the lake!

After such a long day of travelling, we were given the chance to relax and explore before dinner arrived – a delicious array of rice, chips, beans, chicken and fruit.

As the sun set, we were treated to a palette of different oranges burning behind the trees; many of us rushed out to capture what will be the first of many glorious sun sets while we are here.

Starting to wind down, Auntie Bac (Mrs Bond’s affectionate nickname due to her keenness with hand gel!) led a Ugandan themes quiz, which was won by James, Izzy, Abi H, Michael and Sam, who then go to indulge in maoams from home! To round off the evening, we fired up the generator and watched Iron Man together – although, Mr Bond and Mrs Madeley had to leave as they were making too much noise while following the cricket final…we got the impression it was exciting…

As we started drifting into our dreams, we were startled by the howling of Angus, Luke and Lesedi at the sight of a millipede in their room!

Anyway, peace out England – we out here changing lives! See y’all soon!

Emma and Jessamy

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