Red Team Day 13 – Starting Work


The bookshelves, which were started by the Gold Group, were continued today by 9 of our resident DIY-ers. This involved creating and finishing external frames for each shelf of the case. First we used a butt joint and some nails to create a frame. We then sanded down the frames and coated them with a sealant, before giving them a final sand ready for their assembly onto the main shelving structure.



Seven of our finest, strongest bricklayers (directed by Steve) headed towards a toilet block which Gold group had previously started. Henry, Frank, and other local builders guided us towards the structure and we headed straight to work – firstly by gathering the bricks that were handmade prior, then by mixing cement. After a few minutes our students developed a rhythmic pattern and then, before we knew it, we had placed multiple courses down as well as expanded the foundations. Whilst the task was competitive at times, everybody was very humbled by the work and the skill that must be put into such a job.

~Olivia Lyndsay


Today we set about improving the primary school’s P4 classroom (Year 2). Unfortunately, we ran out of paint, due to our excellent work ethic. We are now consequently paint-less but awaiting the arrival of our two lost staff members with new painting supplies. To be continued… 🙂  EDIT: It’s now 8.45pm and they have just arrived. Lol.

Maddison P

Children’s Playground

As one of the jobs today, we refurbished some of the playground equipment to protect it from rusting, brighten it up and make it more appealing for the kids. We repainted a slide, a set of swings and a seat swing in bright blue and yellow (which obviously got everywhere). It looked good after, until the kids came along and started smearing the paint; leaving it looking slightly green.

Becky T

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