Red Team – Halfway Highlights

Amelie – Meeting everyone and seeing how happy they are to see us.

Arlo – The chimpanzee sanctuary.

Becky – Doing the work and making a difference.

Ben – The football match.

Beth – Meeting the people and making new friends.

Cora – Making new friends and meeting new people.

Daisy – Meeting new people.

Emily – Meeting Ugandans and learning about their culture.

Georgie – The welcome party at both schools.

Hannah B – Playing netball. Seeing the beautiful country and lives that Ugandans live, and how different it is to ours.

Hannah C – I really enjoyed the Pearl of Africa workshop session.

Izzy – The workshop evening at Bunjakko.

Jack – Playing the Ugandans at football.

Jasmine – The boat rides to see the chimps and meeting new people.

Jenny – The excitement of the Ugandans.

Jimmy – Sports games and hanging with the local students.

Leah – Coming to Kamazinda and playing with the younger children.

Maddie G – Getting sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to in church.

Maddie P – The netball match.

Maddie W – The people and making lots of new friends.

Matty – Football match.

Oli C– Becoming new friends with the kids at Bunjakko and seeing their view on football.

Oli T– Meeting new people.

Olivia A – Spending time with the children and seeing how happy they are.

Olivia L – The worship evening at Bunjakko.

Pali – Seeing everyone’s gratitude and how they say thank you.

Pip – The whole of Uganda.

Rewan – Repairing the fire pit and working with the local students.

Ruby – Meeting loads of smiley faces and embracing the African culture.

Rufus – Giving away my shoes to Robert and seeing how happy he was.

Sophie – Playing the girls football match.

Tink – Being with my friends and doing new things.

Tom – Refereeing the netball match.

Uisce – It’s an eye opening experience that makes us realise how privileged we are.

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