Gold Group – belated upload of halfway highlights

Here are some of the highlights of the trip from the Gold group students and staff:

Lani: giving donations and seeing their faces

Tash: the welcome dance as Jasimu

Luke: meeting the first school and watching their welcome performance

Ben P: chimpanzee sanctuary

Abby B: receiving letters from friends at Kamuzinda

Evie: arriving at Kamuzinda

Emma: Mama Millie!

Sam: singing and dancing with our Ugandan friends

Michael: socialising and doing sport with the Ugandans

Maisy: the people we met, and making best friends, and giving notes to them

Faith: handing Mama Millie a handmade bracelet – it made her cry!

Max: eating Mama Millie’s food in the sunset

Finn: sitting by the fire pit for the first time

Becky: spending time with the children in the evening at Kamuzinda

Ben BF: giving my little guy, Ian, a ‘seven’ necklace

Abi H: day trip to St Judes and Jasimu

James: seeing the difference our work is making to people’s lives

Kate: being toured around the first school and seeing the work we’ve done

Grace: the food – carbs!

Lesedi: being pulled out to dance at the leaving day in Kamuzinda

Izzy: the arrival at Kamuzinda

Patch: being able to eat breakfast on the shore of Lake Victoria

Fran: the welcome dance and going to the Wilkins house and seeing their reaction

Toby: the welcome at Kamuzinda

Gus: the time when Luke and Least I freaked out at a millipede in the room

Jessamy: carrying water to help my friend

Saskia: the fire pit evening at Kamuzinda

Brooke: finishing the fire pit and me falling out the top bunk over a spider

Lottie: seeing the clinic and how deprived it was

Sophie: when we were all around the fire pit singing songs

Mrs Griffiths (Jenny): the best group of RLS students ever!

Mr Griffiths (Adam): close run thing – our students or Rolex…I think the students just edge over the line though

Mrs Madeley (Hannah): the fire pit evening with lots of singing, and getting to know the amazing gold group

Mrs Bond (Emma): travelling around in the coasters and seeing a very different way of life

Mrs McGregor (Hazel): being in the great company of Gold group students and staff as well as making Ugandan friends wherever we go

Mr Merrick (Simon): that question has opened a “a can of millipedes” – great company both staff and students. Nice to renew friendships with the staff and students in both schools

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