Gold Group – Day 14 – more painting and digging….and rain!

On the 14th day of our work in Uganda, we were scuppered by very heavy morning showers. This meant some jobs were not able to start and therefore, we had a day of finishing off tasks.

The step at the back of the mission house was the first port of call. Now the gravel had arrived, the group spent the morning levelling and compacting the dirt before raking the gravel over the top. We have already noticed the difference in the amount of dust coming into the house!

Meanwhile, inside, the painters weren’t interrupted by the rain and they continued to paint the remaining walls. Frustratingly, 4 bricks at the bottom of one wall were missed so we will have to finish up before we leave. However, the room is so bright now that it seems bigger and much more vibrant.

After lunch, 11 students travelled the short distance up the road to the local clinic. Here, they finished painting one of the wards, which the nurses were very pleased with it. We imagine that it must be a much nicer place to go now.

Back at the school, other students took the afternoon to finish up the creative murals they had created. This look beautiful – Kate painted a very detailed and colourful brain! It is looking awesome in that classroom.

The evening was again spent socialising with the Ugandan students, who took the chance to start braiding the girls’ hair – and they even tried to braid some of the boys’ hair too! There was plenty of laughing and chatting. We heading back in when dinner was called and ate yet another delicious meal!

The evening was completed with another film – time for Iron Man 2 – while others took the chance to head in for an early night or play cards around the tables.

Yet another great day in Uganda.

Michael and Toby

(P.S. we have had an issue with one of the cameras and lost some lovely photos for the moment. Really sorry we don’t have more photos of the different work or of all the students)

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