Gold Group – day 15 – primary school visits and Buwama

We started the day off with some delicious Rolexs and fruit before getting ready for 9am. Today we weren’t working in the secondary school but instead heading out to visit two local primary schools.

We walked up the road to St Mary’s primary school – the only government primary school on the island. It was a delight to watch their kindergarten children perform a song for us (although they looked terrified!) as well as having two songs by the new choir at the school. The head teacher, Patrick, introduced all the teachers and told us about the school. It is really frustrating to hear how little funding they get from the government! In groups, we were kindly shown around the school to see the facilities. Again, it was sad to see how little they have yet how desperate they are to learn.

Once the tour was completed, it was time to get stuck into playing some games. Netball was the first port of call. Our team was made by with Tash, Maisy, Sophie, Fran, Becky, Jessamy and Faith. It was clear that the Ugandan girls knew their netball – and clearly played as a team as they were fast, efficient and aggressive! The score was 12-7 to the primary school but we put up a good fight in blazing heat!

Following the netball, we left all (and I mean pretty much the whole school!) meandered up to the football field where the Ugandan boys were wearing kit that had been donated by last year’s group. Our team consisted of Luke, Maisy, Jessamy, Izzy, James, Brooke, Abby B, Toby, Michael, Gus and Patch. It was a brilliant game with Michael scoring a hat trick and Izzy scoring one. We won the game 4-3. While the match was being played, everyone else enjoyed playing with the primary students with one of the teacher’s babies being passed around for cute cuddles!

As we said our goodbyes to St Mary’s, six students returned to the primary school to give out donations and the rest of the group walked further up the road in glorious sunshine to another little primary school – Hope Nursery and Primary. It was a chance to watch another lovely performance welcoming us to their school. Once donations were given out here, we played with the students. Yet another game of netball was played – but this time we won! The boys who played have been converted to loving netball – they have even said they will mention having a boys’ team to Mr Stoddard on our return.

After lunch, we had the chance to head to the nearby town of Buwama. In our teacher groups, we drove down the very dusty, potholed road for some shopping. Here we treated ourselves in the supermarket for those much loved biscuits! The highlight for most of us though was the delicious “goat on a stick” – basically very well cooked meat with a seasoning that is just sold on the streets for 1000 shillings – equivalent of 22 pence! Others enjoyed samosas, rolex, and chapattis. In this area is a really nice fruit market. Lots of us came back with passionfruit, pineapples and melons to enjoy later! As we went to the town in stages, we were allowed to have the afternoon to relax, clean our rooms and play games while waiting for others to return.

Dinner was amazing! Tonight we had tilapia fish in a coating with all the usual trimmings: chips, beans, rice and fruit. It was also Lesedi’s birthday today. As he doesn’t eat dairy, we couldn’t get him a conventional cake…so he got a box of noodles with candles in the top! Perfect for him!

Tomorrow is our last full day of work at Bunjakko and we are looking forward to getting jobs finished!

Maisy and Luke

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