Gold Group – Day 16 – final day of work!

Yet another wonderful day in Uganda! As has become tradition, we woke up to “Hotel California” as our alarm clock – I think when we get home we will all hear the song and remember our trip! Unfortunately, today was our last full day of work at Bunjakko!

Today we had a new job to complete – painting the outside of the boys’ dormitory. It was very dark and unkempt. A large group of us headed down with paint, brushes and rollers, as well as our already paint-covered clothes, as we knew we were going to get coated! However, on the way down, Ben BF and Patch had a little accident with the paint, dropping the bucket and painted the ground!

Once started, we had to put on a very watered down base coat as most of the paint would be absorbed into the plaster. This meant splatters went EVERYWHERE!

Meanwhile, a small group spent the whole day plastering the staff room, completed the work left by the Red Team. This meant Maisy mixing up lots of render with Lesedi while the others rendered the walls. Mr Merrick and Mr Griffiths have been so impressed with the work these students have put into this new skill.

Elsewhere, Mrs Bond was leading a team back at the house who were digging out the front entrance veranda in order to add gravel to the area that afternoon. This was really hard labour in very hot temperatures. Each student gave it their all but they had to alternate in order to take breaks and stay hydrated. By the end of the day, they were so delighted with what they had achieved and just like the back veranda, it minimises the amount of dust that gets into the house, saving Jovia cleaning time!

After lunch, the paint team had received the much needed paint to complete the final coat on the dormitory. While we had a lot of students working on this, we also had the added help of lots of Ugandan students who had decided to pick up a paint brush and get stuck in. The white layer was complete and lots of new friendships made in the process as we chatted, laughed and painted all afternoon. We will be back on Saturday morning to finish the lower half in a different colour.

Mrs McGregor took a group up to the clinic to finish the work they had started in the maternity ward. This has been a highlight for some students as they feel they have made a difference to a very deprived clinic. (Unfortunately, we don’t have photos due to the camera issues)

At around 2pm, Launceston College arrived to a massive welcome dance (which we watched secretly!) It was lovely to meet another school with the same attitude towards helping the students in Uganda.

That evening, we had more fun and games, playing cards and swingball, before yet another divine dinner and another film – finishing up the trilogy of Iron Man.

Mrs Madeley

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