Gold Group – Day 18 – Leaving party!

We were awoken from our lie in by, yet again, “Hotel California” with several staff and students singing along at the top of their voices. However, this was less painful when we found breakfast was pancakes! After breakfast, we started the day off packing our suitcases and preparing the next week of travelling.

We organised our suitcases so that we had minimal luggage in our main bags to take back to the UK, in order to have enough space for all the crafts we had to take back (gifts ready to sell for The Pearl Of Africa choir). Although it was strange ploughing through our belongings, knowing that we are leaving, it was also truly heart-warming to leave our clothes, shoes and any other belongings we know longer needed to help our less fortunate friends.

Yesterday, Mrs Griffiths and Mrs McGregor bought donations to take back to school for the choir when they come over the September (November in Cornwall). Whilst a few of us were organising the precious gifts, others helped prepare the food for the goodbye feast we were preparing for all our friends. We were shocked to see the pile of potatoes standing taller than our legs!

Our excitement started to build as we were finishing lunch as the echo of music (both Ugandan and British) bouncing off the walls of our house. Opening the doors wider, we were overwhelmed by the number of people who were willing to celebrate our final day in Bunjakko. They welcomed us outdoors with open arms as the entertainment began.

As we sat down and began socialising, we were introduced to the Ugandan national anthem before being asked to perform the British anthem for them. Following much debate over who would sing for the audience, our Head Boy stepped up and sang a solo for the group to hear. It was certainly a special, and very British rendition of “God Save the Queen”. The Pearl Of Africa choir then grabbed our attention as they sang and danced for us. They are so talented! After the performance, the speeches began from different people including the head teacher, Tanasi, and Auntie Mollie gave heart-warming speeches thanking RLS for the work they have done over the past two years. It was very touching.

At this point, the food was ready to serve for the three primary schools, who brought a selection of students for the occasion, and the secondary school students at Bunjakko. It was amazing to see the little faces light up when they were served meat and a soda at the meal. For many of these students, they only have a soda at Christmas! We loved serving the food we had helped to prepare!

Once lunch had been served, the party resumed, with a lot of “lip sync battles” and dancing from the Ugandan students. It certainly took some coaxing to get us up dancing but before long, we were all dancing our hearts out! Despite not knowing the music, we had so much fun with all the students from the primary and secondary schools. I think we must have been dancing for three hours until the sun set and we were called in for dinner. It was such an incredible way to say goodbye to a fantastic week.

After dinner, we finished packing the donations into the spare suitcases before some of us sat around the fire pit.

We are certainly going to miss Bunjakko – the food, the view and the wonderful people.

Abi H and Issy

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