Red Team Day 18 – Football and Kamuzinda Leaving Party

Boy’s and Girl’s Football Matches

During our final morning at Kamuzinda, our male and female football teams played a friendly game against our Ugandan friends in the glorious African sun. In the men’s match the final score was 3 – 2 to Richard Lander due Tom’s magnificent golden boot. Steve’s horrendous goalkeeping skills were also a highlight, costing the team a goal due to him being embarrassingly lobbed from the half way line, consequently resulting in Pip having to remind him to stay on the line for the remainder of the match!

Whilst in the female’s match Lander also won 4 – 3, Beth scored an amazing 4 goals, one of which was dribbled from the half way line and struck into the top left hand corner!   

Leaving Party & Farewell Meal

During our matches, all the house mamas (with help from Daisy, Jasmine, Pali, Maddison G and Emily – the peel-tastic team) set about preparing a meal for the boarders and day students at Kamuzinda. In the afternoon we arranged for the local DJ to hook up his ‘house shaking’ sound system to get the party started. After a few dance performances from the locals, a couple of mosh-pits from RLS and a range of activities such as face painting, nail painting and swingball, the dusk began to fall and the feasting began. Giant cauldrons of matoki, rice, pasta, meat stew and chapattis were served up to the crowds by our students, unbelievably feeding 700 students, which were most gratefully received.

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