Red & Gold Team – Luweero Day 19, 20, 21

On the morning of the 19th July both groups set upon the long journey to Luweero, meeting up at the equator for a last minute shopping spree and lunch – the best lunch we have had so far! From here, we left in convoy in our coasters and our bomb proof, vomit comet (the 4×4 automobile).

After a few hours, we arrived at our next destination for a few days – Luweero Diocese Guest House. It was straight to our rooms and then straight to dinner. In the evening, we had plenty of games of cards and Uno going on to keep us entertained.

The next day, we spent the day back in our Red and Gold groups with Gold group spending the morning in the town, cathedral and market and Red group working with students at a local primary school, before swapping in the afternoon. At the primary school, we worked with different classes playing word and song based games led by the students. This included: Hokey Cokey; Penguin song (ask them to show you); Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes; plus many more! We all had so much fun; however, during the afternoon, Gold group were trapped by a ridiculous downpour in a classroom! Thunder and lightning ensued before we had to leg it back to the hotel!

Once we had dried out, we settled in for dinner – delicious again – with more games of cards and Uno in the social area. Turns out these games can become pretty heated….and that’s just the staff!

On our final day in Luweero, we decided to have a more chilled day. First off, we headed back to the primary school for a presentation from the head teacher. We were given certificates to say thank you for the work we had done yesterday; this was hilarious as most of our names were pronounced in very new and unique ways! It was lovely to see the choir perform yet again, and Mr Whitworth, Mrs Madeley, Mrs Downing and Mrs Anderson couldn’t help but join in with the singing and the dancing! We rounded up the morning with a rousing rendition of “What shall we do with the drunken sailor?” and a powerful Oggy Oggy Oggy!

Back at the guest house, it was time for Red vs Gold rounders. Some epic performances to comment on: Jack S being caught out by Brooke after hitting a tree; Pip running a full rounder; and Tom’s epic one handed, inches off the floor catch! The final score was 13.5-11.5 to the GOLD GROUP!!!

The afternoon was spent with some free time for students before Mr Mulcahy’s mega quiz…however, many of the questions and answers were wildly incorrect and were met with absolute uproar from both staff and students alike! It was brilliant fun and a great way to end the final day of chilling. The quiz results were a tie – 54 out of 70. Both Mrs Madeley’s team (Faith, Grace, Tash, Lani, Kate, Emma and Cara) and Mrs Dalby’s team (Uisce, Georgie, Tink, Maddie P, Ruby and Hannah B) took joint first place, sharing some dubious chocolate (packaging said “chocolate compound”).

As we have a very early start in the morning, we have spent the evening packing for safari and enjoying the last of the swarms of mosquitoes that Luweero has to offer. They seem to love congregating around our heads in a strange sort of halo.

We will try to update the blog once more on safari but will make sure we upload to Facebook and Instagram as well.

Hannah, Jon and Tom

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