Red & Gold Team – Safari Day 22, 23, & 24

As you may have seen from the students’ various Instagram, Facebook and all other social media posts over the past few days, we are currently on Safari. We arrived on Wednesday at Paraa Lodge from Loweero after a solid 7am-12pm drive through beautiful African scenery, becoming more tropical and exotic as we approached. We were all welcomed with a fresh watermelon juice (or three) and the smiling faces of our lodge staff. Soon after gathering ourselves we began lunch, and may have seen our first real animals of the safari eating at the boys table. The buffets on offer here are ridiculously rich, varied and delicious, especially compared to the common rice and beans we’d had over the past three weeks (but rest assured, there was still some on offer here). After our first feast, we had a laid back evening of socialising and swimming in the pool, ready for the following days’ drives…

Water Safari

On Thursday, both teams tackled the Water Safari, with Red taking the morning shift (9am start) and Gold the afternoon (2pm). We all went down to the harbour and boarded our trusty ship the ‘African Queen’, which took us 90 minutes up the Nile (the banks lined with many elephants, buffalo and crocodiles) until we came to Murchison Falls. It is the most powerful waterfall in the world, with 300m3 of water passing through the top each second. The sight was simply breath-taking, and although the pictures look incredible they do not do it justice.

Game Drives

Both teams had 2 drives over Thursday and Friday: one at 6 am and one at 4 pm. Each lasted 3/4 hours, and consisted of taking 6 jeeps out into the Savannah to explore on bumpy road tracks for some of Africa’s most incredible animals.

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